Who we are

For as long as illuminated advertising has existed, since 1898, Neon has been an integral part of our streetscape. Previously, this was mainly glass neon, but due to the high production costs of glass neon and the specialist craft in which fewer and fewer trained people are active, a new LED Neon technology has been developed for this since 2015. Without the disadvantages of glass neon such as high production, operating and maintenance costs, no dimmability and sensitivity to interference.

The ‘LED Neon’ technology is an environmentally friendly, sustainable and very affordable solution, with in manner the same appearance as glass neon, but with numerous advantages in purchase, use and lifetime. In addition, it is a product where innovations and developments do not stand still. LED Neon can be used for any desired solution, including indoor and outdoor advertising, indication and information boards, design, branding and styling of buildings, offices, restaurants, events, etc.

The Neon Company applies powerful, durable and energy-efficient PowerLEDs® in its Custom Neon. The PowerLEDs® technology reduces power consumption, increases brightness, ensures maximum uniform illumination, is suitable for intensive 24/7 use and lasts up to 100,000 hours.

Our team of Neon specialists ensures the perfect end result through personal advice, service and reliability.

And last but not least! Thanks to our short production lines, we can guarantee our customers the lowest prices at all times & every project is feasible for us.

The Neon Company is part of LED visuals B.V.

Where we stand out

Quality, service and reliability are our number one priorities. Careful productions and durable materials are our focus. The Neon Company always offers the lowest price guarantee.

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Our customers

The Neon specialists of The Neon Company are ready for you to transform your company name, logo or brand into Neon lighting in an atmospheric and powerful way. With over 5000+ companies and well-known brands in our customer base, you have come to the right place for a durable Neon Sign at the lowest price guarantee.