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As long as illuminated advertising exists, since 1898, it is impossible to imagine our streets without neon. However, around 2010 Bart Orsel, owner of The Neon Company, noticed that the sales and production of glass neon had been on a steep downward trend for quite some time. This was partly due to the high production costs of glass neon and the specialist crafts profession in which fewer and fewer trained people are active. The increase of the glasneon prices, in combination with the high usage and maintenance costs, caused the huge decrease of the atmospheric neon signs in our streets.

With over 15 years of experience in the illuminated advertising industry, our research and development team set out to replace the obsolete glass neon technology with an affordable, innovative, environmentally friendly and sustainable solution. Here we came across the new technique ‘LED Neon’. It has the same look and feel as glass neon, but has numerous advantages in terms of purchase, use and lifespan.

Since the year 2020, The Neon Company has developed the product into its own patent where PowerLEDs® are used in our Neon Signing. The PowerLEDs® technology reduces power consumption, increases brightness, ensures maximum uniformity, is suitable for intensive 24/7 use and lasts up to 100,000 hours.

With the development of the PowerLEDs® technology, The Neon Company can distinguish itself from the now hot market. The Neon Signing can now be produced at the same or even lower price, with the highest production and product specifications. Our team consisting of Neon specialists, developers and producers, ensure the perfect end result with personal advice, service and reliability.

And last but not least! Because of our in-house production, we can guarantee our customers the lowest prices at all times and every project is feasible for us.

The Neon Company is part of LED visuals B.V.

Where we stand out

Quality, service and reliability are our number one priorities. Careful productions and durable materials are our focus. The Neon Company always offers the lowest price guarantee.

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Our customers

The Neon specialists of The Neon Company are ready for you to transform your company name, logo or brand into Neon lighting in an atmospheric and powerful way. With over 5000+ companies and well-known brands in our customer base, you have come to the right place for a durable Neon Sign at the lowest price guarantee.